Hats Off to Dileep ; Cinema Strike Falling Off

Hats Off to Dileep ; Cinema Strike Falling Off… Here it is going to make an end to the Cinema Strike and the man behind this was Actor Dileep. The theater owners put this strike to get 50 50 ratio profit sharing and they are not willing to accept any word from the Producers and Distributors Association.
dileep (2)
Now under the brain of Dileep the cinema strike is going to fall off soon by splitting up the Federation Theatres and this is by the Dileep’s devious intervention into it. On Saturday there will be forming a new association of theatre owners under the participation of Dileep along with Producers and Distributors association. Dileep is the Owner of D cinemas Chalakkudy. The new committee is against the peoples who tried to destroy cinema by means of unwanted strikes and arguments. A film association is not for making money only and it is to be stand with cinema and be committed to cinema and for that the new committee is forming. By this The B Class theaters are to be changed to release centers by putting more facilities. The producers and distributors are planning to release their movies with maximum number of centers by the co operation of Shifting B Class Theaters, Multiplexes and A class theaters which are out form federation. Aashirvad Cinemas, Carnival Group, Shenoy Cinemas coming under the producers association are also come forwarded to release movies. This decision makes more load to the federation theater owners because of that when films released by excluding them makes huge loss for the Theater owners and the by taking a decision like this make a chance to Theater owners to get rid from the cinema strike and thereby co-operating with Producers and Distributors association. The final decision regarding this will be announced on coming Saturday and Liberty Basheer itself stated that there is going to take a final decision on Cinema Strike on Saturday’s General body. Any way Dileep is being the hero and he puts an end to this, Hats off to Dileep…