govinda six packdid you saw the picture..?

You may ask “Are you kidding.?’.Well we will answer that.Its Our own Comedy ka sulthan Govinda with a Six Pack.Ha ha you thougt that it was photoshoped………No it isnt  …….It is a real photo..So Govinda is on the preimium list of Six packers like Srk and Amir on Bollywood.

Govinda comes with a sixpack on the new movie of Saif Ali Khan Named as Happy Ending.The movie is Mass comedy Entertainer and Govinda plays a lead role along with Saif Ali Khan.The movie is all about a script writer who wandering in Bollywood for a break and a superstar invites him to write a script for a hollywood movie and Rest goes on.Saif plays the Role of the scriptwriter.

The movie features Ilayana D Cruz ,Kalki Kocheklin,Ranver sholey as other leads.Kareena Kapoor and Prethi Sinta appears on guest roles for this movie.The movie is directed by Raj Nidhimorukrishna D.K,The Duo from Tollywood.The movie is produced by Iluminati Films .It will realese next month

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