Fahad & Nazriya set to go for a journey in June for ‘Money Rathnam’ !


ggggtravelogue movie is expected to start in June by Santhosh Nair titled Money Rathnam. It is going to be an upcoming movie of the real life love birds Fahad Fasil and Nazriya . But the title of the movie ‘Money Rathnam’ does not have any relation with the great tamil director Manirathnam.

The Malayalam movie Money Rathnam speaks about the story happens in 24 hours between the evening of December 31 and the evening Januvary 1 with the journey from Munnar to Marayoor. Fahad will be handling the executive in an Audi showroom Neil and Nazriya plays Pia , his finance. Santhosh Nair says that the movie is meant to be a thriller, but he added that the tracks of humor, action and masala was well.

The movie Money Rathnam is going to be a milestone in Fahad’s carrier since he will be handling a mass role which will have two mind blown fight scenes and three attractive songs. The script will be penned by Anil Narayanan and Ajith C Lokesh. The producers of the movie are Alwin Antony, Biju John and Ronnie Mathew. The locations of the movie Money Rathnam are Munnar, Marayur, Ernakulam and Valppara. This will be Santhosh Nair’ s directorial debut though he had worked as the Associate director is many movies with famous directors like Roshan Andrews ,V M Vinu , Venu Nagavally and Deepan