Cinema Strike going to fall




Jomonte Suvisheshangal and Munthiri Valiikal Thalirkkumpol preparing for release… After the release of Bhairavaa release excluding the Theatres under Federation, Malayalam cinemas are all set to release the films excluding the Federation Theatres. By this Sathyan Anthikkadu Dulquer Salman movie Jomonte Suvisheshangal plans to release in January 19th and Jibu Jacob Mohnalal Movie Munthiri Vallikal Thalirkkumpol to release in January 20th. This is by the decision of Producers and distributors and they are planning to release these movies without the co-operation of federation Theatres. This decision makes more load to the federation theatre owners because of that when films released by excluding them makes huge loss for the Theatre owners and the by taking a decision like this make a chance to Theatre owners to get rid from the cinema strike and thereby co-operating with Producers and Distributors association. The producers and distributors are planning to release their movies with maximum number of centers by the co operation of Shifting B Class Theatres, Multiplexes and A class theatres which are out form federation. Aashirvad Cinemas, Carnival Group, Shenoy Cinemas coming under the producers association are also come forwarded to release movies. This decision is due to because of that by longing the strike the producers met with huge loss and coming months February and March are not suitable to release movies due to exam season. In April there are other releases are committed so that it is not capable of release this movies in Vishu Season, So considering all these factors Producers and Distributors met with this decision. Final decision regarding this will be after conducting yet another meeting with Federation theatre owners and if the Federation Theatre Owners are not willing to Pull back their argument the Producers and Distribution organization go forward with this decision…