Ai to release Tommorow

The most awaited movie of the year AI will tomorrow January 14 th on the screens all over the world.The movie is expected to be aibig budget one where the shoot and pre production almost went on about two yaers. Ai is directed by Shanker and having Chiyaan Vikram in the lead role.Intialy reports suggested that the mvie will postpone its realese due to a court stay put forward by Imax cinemas against the producer of the movie.However the problem was solved outside the court.Ravichandran gave the money which he was liable to  give against the Imax.

The movie realses within 2500 centres all over the world in which about 250 release centres are in kerala.The movie is on a geat hype as this one is the next movie of shanker after Enthiran and Nanban where the fans of shanker is expected to celebrate the relaese all over the world.Vikram is also on a positive knot about the release of the movie.He worked hard to the charcter orientation which was essential for the movie.He shed about 45 kilos to enact the character styles in the movie.Shanker in an interview said it was only due to Vikram this movie could happen.Due to his handwork we were able to shoot the movie accordingly to the script.

Vikram enacts a charcter Lingeshwaran who is trying to win Mister chennai Body Building title.Amy Jackson pairs up with Vikram fr the female laed role.Suresh Gopi appears as a doctor in the movie.Reports says that he is the main villian of the movie .However that’s an unconfirmed news.The trailer ,Teaser and making video of the movie have been watched by crores in youtube.Everybody is on their seat edges where all are curious to know what is in the movie with a whopping budget of 180 crores.

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