Muktha (Bhanu) and Family – Unseen stills

Muktha and family unseen stills


Muktha Elsa George, known mononymously as Muktha or by her stage name Bhanu, is an Indian film actress. She has acted in a number of Malayalam and Tamil language films. She is a classical dancer and an entrepreneur too.Muktha has started her career as a television artist then she moved on to big screen. This happened in the year 2005. She made her first attempt in the movie “Ottananayam”, as Aravindan’s sister. But it was her next film which had brought her lot of fame. The movie was “Achanurangatha Veedu”, directed by the veteran director Lal Jose. Muktha gave life to the character ‘Lisamma’, a Catholic Christian girl. This movie tells the story of a father who has three daughters. The main plot of the film revolves around the youngest daughter, Lisamma. Salim Kumar appears as the father who has no sleep as he needs to protect his daughters from the cunning people in this world. In this movie, Muktha, who appears as Lisamma was able to conquer the hearts of the viewers as a innocent girl who falls into a trap. Hence with her first film itself Muktha was able to find a place in the minds of viewers.

Muktha Elsa George, who has proved that any character can be confidently given to her has a couple of movies in her hand. She, who has entered the silver screen in 2005 and has now shown her talents in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu movies. Muktha has appeared in glamorous roles as well, it might be a reason why the youth are attracted towards her. “Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal” (Tamil), “Room No. 9B” (Malayalam), “Ginger” (Malayalam), “Vaaimai” (Tamil) etc are her upcoming releases.

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