Joju George with Family

Joju George is a Malaylam actor who came to upfront in recent times of 2014.Joj started his life in small roles and later on he did ccharacterswith more screen presence .His major works are Pullipulikalum Attinkuttyum,Neram,Rajadhiraja and Cousins.Slowly but firmly Joju is establishing himself as a lead actor in Malayalam film industry.He started from humble beginnings and is much grateful for his friends and family who supported in times of bad patch.Joju’s acting style and character orientations are much praised by critics.Especially on Rajadiraja and Cousins which were big budget family entertainers.

He is very much aknowledged as a comedian within a short while.He is getting busy every day with new projects.He conquered all this with his hardwork and altitude.Joju is regarded as a man with honesty and humble altitude.We wish Joju for a bright future ahead.May god bring you more and more oopportunitiesto enact good characters on the silver screen.

We provide you the latest stills of Joju George and Family.Have a look at those images and bless the cute family and Actor Joju.Its our pleasure to bring you the rare and unseen pictures of Actors with family.Thanks for Visiting our site.Have a good day.


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