Jayaram Family




Jayaram famous south Indian actor who has his roots in both Tamilnadu and Kerala. He is also a chenda percussionist and mimic artist. He has starred in over 200 filmsNow jayaram completes 30 years in Film Industry, and still remains one of the go-to actors.Here the photos of Jayaram, Parvathy, Kalidas and Malavika. At the age of 22, he was introduced into the cinema field by script writer and filmmaker Padmarajan who gave Jayaram his launching pad with the 1988 film Aparan. He is noted for playing in Kamal’s films during the late 1980s and early 1990s, in films such as Pradeshika Varthakal (1989), Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal (1989), and Shubha Yathra (1990) (all of them scripted by Ranjith), where he co-starred with his wife Parvathy. latest photos of parvathy and daughter Malavika.