Rachana Narayankutty kuchipudi Nattuvamela at Kodungur Devi Temple







Rachana Narayankutty kuchipudi Nattuvamela at Kodungur Devi Temple


“Wonderful performance.. all of us here really excited. Congrats and thanks Rachana for the cooperation.
Kodungoor amma will always be with you..” That is a two line review by the organisers of my last concert- Kuchipudi Nattuvamela at Kodungur Devi Temple, Kottayam… This is what each artist really wish to hear after each performance!!
Thanks a lot to the wonderful Organisers and great audience!!! Thanks to my Dearmost sir, Guru DrVasanth Kiran for making me a little better performer and also a thinking performer after each performance !! I think I could do justice for the new choreographies done by you sir!!! I dedicate The applause which I received to you…. million thanks for being a wonderful and great Guru!! Geechiii…. my mentor!!! My inspiration!!! My Guru…. Just Thanks wouldn’t be enough for you…. Geetha Padmakumar..I am indebted to u my lovely geechi !!! NB: please dun mind and bring copyright claim ,if any Bhava of mine resembles yours in the following photos!!! When I think about understanding the music and then dance…. the name which alwz come to my mind is my Father- like Guru Thrissur Janardhanan master!!! The knowledge that I have gained regarding the lyrics, music, choreography and presentation is through the wonderful teachings by him!!! I am soooo a lucky disciple as the first items composed and choreographed by master would be taught, learnt, practised and shared to others by me!!! Missing those days!! While considering dance… its non other than Sreedevi Chechi… the very first guru of mine… who gave me rigorous training in the basics from the age of 3!!! Those moments are unforgettable!!! My sincere gratitude to Sreedevi chechi!!!
Eagerly waiting to perform on May 13th for your annual day, at Aranmula!!! Heredo I post a few snaps from the last concert!!! Thanks to Vinayakan Kodungur for the clicks!!- Rachana Narayankutty

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