Amma General Body Meeting Photos-2017


AMMA General Body Meeting 2017 Photos

Photos: Manu Mulanthuruthi

Amma General Body Meeting Photos-2017 .AMMA general body meeting held at kochi yesterday at Crown Plaza kochi. The latest photos of celebrities from AMMA meeting is here. Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) is the association of film actors who work in Malayalam cinema. The association was the first of its kind in India, and the functioning of it led to formation of actors guilds in film industries of other Indian languages as well.Main Obejectives of AMMA ;
To be a professional platform where open and healthy discussion under the ambit of professional concern is encouraged. To act as arbitrators in disputes that are submitted or related to its members. To promote and develop better relations between its members and other associations. To create and develop fellowship among the members. To protect and help to enrich economical status of the members. To extend financial assistance to its members who have retired, disabled or in distress.