The Items that will make you sob If you are a 90’s kid


1.Big Babool – Remember we used to play with big bubbles while playing with our friends


2.Floppy Disc – You remember,we passionately looked the guys which hold these drives and they were considered to be real tech people ,we dreamed of being one of them in future.But now we have Gigas and Teras of storage devices nowadays



3.He-Man Cartoon-We used to watch many cartoons in our old times but this one was very special,you remember.We were eagerly waited our school times to watch this at evening,without even change our uniforms and without having tea.


4.VCR’s – You remember our old days.We used to go to hire big video cassettes in weekends.We cried mock studied our lessons infrot of  parents to mis-guide them that we studied well,so we can watch a cinema in evening.

Now CD’s,DVD’s and B-Ray discs here with gigantic storage spaces while compared with these old items





5.Analog Camera – We used to borrow cameras from our friends or relatives while going for a tour or a picnic,you remember right?

We struggled to put camera roll in proper position and adjusted to fit nice.Good old days !!


Eastman Kodak Co. Headquarters Ahead Of Earnings

6.Parle G – The one and only biscuit we know during our childhood,and we are so aware of this biscuits due to famous serial of our times ‘Shakthiman’,I hope everyone remember famous ad tag – Parle G ‘Shakthiman’.


7.Walkman –  I hope everyone of 90’s can remember those days with a Walkman on one hand and headset on ears,Personally  I can,and I really miss those days.I always quarreled with my sister for this,for listening my favorite songs.We listened to those memorable songs only on this.


8.WWF Cards – I hope everyone one of us used to watch WWF on Ten sports and I hope some of us still doing that,but now it’s WWE,and we bought Big Babool and other items which provide cards with them as a freebie,also we used to bargain with our card which there’s a high ranked WWF superstar with our friends lower ranked WWF Star cards.Surely we miss those days,right??


9.Audio Cassettes – We loved to collect Audio cassettes and we used to play them through our Walkman during our evening walk.Some times we borrowed some cassettes from our friends or family,we listened and returned to them .I remember those cassettes which my sister and my dad gave me during my childhood,Taal,Raja Hindustani,Raja,Border,Barsaat …… I hope you too



And Some times this will happen !!!!!

10.Brick Game – I hope all of  90’s kids can remember this item.We quarreled with our parents and some times refused to eat to get one of this for us,Is there anyone who didn’t like playing brick games? Our Sundays and holidays were never complete without this.Now we got high Fi items Video Games,Computer,Xbox,Play stations,But Brick games was our 1st video game

11.A Pencil – I don’t mention any specific brands because we don’t mind any of them at all,and we chewed all our pencil during our beautiful childhood,right?Chewing them helped us a lot to concentrate on classes….We used to chew  the back side and the rubber there too.I hope many of us got scolded  for chewing them from our parents too.

12.Ink Pen and Ink – You remember your Hero fountain pen,and Chelpark Ink too.Possibly we got it a present from our parents or relatives.Every morning before you went to school you made sure your HERO fountain pen is filled with this ink,I hope you remember those days.Some days we got ink marks on our Uniform shirts,and as always our parents scolded us too.


Power of Words

13.Car Keys – Don’t misunderstand with our newly bought car keys,it’s not that I mentioned here.Our spring motor cars,which we used to play in our childhood days before.I  can remember,my dad gave me so much cars like these,and I used to play with them,used to screw them with this item.Some of them are now in my shelf too,but none  of them working properly now I think

14.Bulbshoes – Many of us once owned a pair of these shoes before.A ‘Bulb Shoe’ which blaze while we walk.It is a small connection,battery and LED’s below of foot bed.But now can’t find any of these with new gen kids.I hope this one was our for us only,our special secret our special shoe….Lovely right?I hope now we can make on of these now on our own.SO much Engineers around us,Engineers era…LOL…..



15. TV Antenna – I hope you remember those Doordarshan days,before Cable channels and Digital Channels Dishes etc.We always waited for those Sunday evenings to watch our favorite movies,We used to watch famous serials and weekend cinemas.I can remember some of them Shakthiman,He-Man,Tintin,Tom and Jerry,Jai Hanuman and many more.

Now we have digital set top boxes,Dishes lot and lot of cable channels.But for a 90’s kid like me,I always go back to those days,Doordarshan days





16.Letter Box – We have so much medias now to express and chat ourselves,but for a 90’s kid our social media was a letter box.We used to write letters to family,friends,everyone.It is a nostalgia for us,those days we  waited for letters from our loved ones.Letterbox was a social network  in those days.Now we have Gmail,Yahoo,Facebook,Whatsapp and so on..Lot of medias,But before these cell phone era,we write,think and express ourselves through these red boxes,and of course India Post helped us to maintain our relations too…