Photoshop disasters,but they think they are the best editors … LOL

1.Wow,What a tuned body..Looks like he’s gonna perform in next Heavy weight championship .


2.Upcoming Twilight sequel,I think this superstar will replace Robert Pattinson.




3.Who is this old man,I’m sure he is the luckiest man in the world.He is busy doing something with Kajol.Come let’s clear the area.Can’t bear this anymore.




4.Hey.We got a hunter here.He is the best in India after ‘Shikkari Shambu’.What is he carrying A SHOTGUN….Nice outfit too.I think he killed This Lion for interfering with his morning walk.  LOL




5.Look at this,Some one is coming from a cyclone…But “Why this Kolaveri Man”




6.We got Genelia’s Ex-Lover here.I still don’t get why she dumped him.Cute,right??



7.I know Singh is King very well,but I’ms sure Katrina gonna cry after seeing this




8.Wow He just bought a Red Audi R8.I hope facebook gonna ban him for being so creepy, his friends will for sure.




9.We got the Tiger here,Katrina’s secrets pics are out.WTF. It’s a hidden camera’s everywhere.Can’t even couple can make love at their own homes for God’s sake




10.Really ‘Amazing’ Spiderman.We got 2 of them here.I think they are Tobey Maguire’s kids..LoL




11.We got a Vampire here.An Indian Vampire attacks EuropeanAmerican women.I don’t know what will happen now.U S gonna screw us.




12.The 1st look poster for upcoming Superman movie unveiled today.It’s happening in India this time.What a technical perfection,Right?




13.Broken Angel.She’s going to suicide for being dumped by him.Someone stop her,please.Heart touching scene



14.Is he a Magician? I don’t think a normal person can sit in air,Again we got a  break up here.A white girl dumped an Indian Boy,Racist idiots.So much break ups now a days.If they are sad even after their break up,Why don’t they join again.I got it Ego !!!!



15.Here we got Kurban 2’s official poster.Is this an A rated movie??? Kareena and Young Superstar are half naked here.I will watch this FDFS for sure.




16.Adithya Chopra confirmed ‘Dhoom 4’.Our Power Star will replace Aamir Khan in this sequel,and Aiswarya coiming back to Bollywood after a long gap.Will be a smashing hit,I’m pretty sure.Let’s wait for the big release



17.Sorry,No Comments.Just one only……………… RIP PHOTOSHOP !!!!!




18.Shakira’s New boy friend.I think he is Indian.Hollywood is now really crazy after Indian boys I think.Hey look there’s his hands over her belly.Quite big though.




19.Hey!!! What is doing in a public place.In India it’s a serious offence,I think.But I’m so jealous of this guy ..Lucky man..He got Dia Mirza…Can you believe ???



20.I’m sure Saif gonna kill him If he see this. Personally I support this man.What a Gentleman.




21.What is this.I think Iron man ate a human.I can see his head.




22.Female lead along with Anushka and Katrina in movie ‘Jab Tak Hein Jaan’ along with S R K.




23.’Knight and Day’ … Look at Tom Cruse… I think his face burned …  Psycho Editor




24.Katrina with his new boyfriend.. Looks cool,but what happened to Katrina’s upper head




25.I think he is made a Plastic Surgery to his pet dog and now it’s a “T(iger)og”…Rare species actually




Pictures coutesy : Dailymoss

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