Fahad Fazil Nazriya Engagement on february


31-fahad-fazil-nazriya-nazim-engagement-in-feFahad Fazil and Nazriya Nazim have become the hottest couple in the Mollywood industry ever since their families have announced their marriage. Speculations were in air that both have already got married! Now, Nazriya’s father has come forward stating that the official engagement of Fahad Fazil and Nazriya Nazim will be happening on February.

Yes, the upcoming stars of Mollywood Fahad Fazil and Nazriya Nazim are all set to get engaged in February at Thiruvananthapuram. Nazriya’s father also says that only few of their close relatives and friends will be invited for the function. The date and venue of the function will be announced very soon

Fahad and Nazriya are quite busy with their movies now. This is a major reason why the weding has been shifted to August, says the father.When asked whether Nazriya will continue her career after the wedding, Nazriya’s father said that Fahad has no issues in Nazriya continuing her career after the marriage. But, Nazriya says that she prefer to be a happy wife after the wedding. The decision is yet in pending.Meanwhile, Nazriya’s Om Shanti Oshana is getting released on February 7. This will indirectly help the actress as her engagement is also in the same month. Hope Nazriya will rock with her movie along with Nivin Pauly and also with Fahad for her engagement.