Insiprational stories which will make you to tears



Kanmani ,an young girl who deosn’t have hands.But today she is a wonder to everyone around her,She Draws,paints plays keyboard with her legs…..

Story of Sunitha and Jayaprakash

These cute couples are the living examples for whom worry about whether True love exists.
For People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be with you forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.

Linkan Subudhi

Linkan Subudhi,an IT Professional social activist.She has rushed to stop child marriage of a 11 year student of her and got brutally beaten up and stabbed by the would be husband and supported by mother of the child

Govind Jaiswal

In the year 2006, 22-year-old Govind Jaiswal ranked 48 in the Civil Services Exam. His father is a rickshaw puller who sold off his land to provide education to his son. From the money collected after selling off the land, Govind enrolled himself in a coaching class, and ended up qualifying the examinations, and how! The same police officers who once harassed his father now refer to him as ‘sir’. Amidst 10-14 hours of power cuts and the deafening sound of generators, Govind Jaiswal toiled every night and said he first wanted to get his father treated for his wounds. His father had saved a little land he planned to sell for his three daughters’ weddings, but Govind has ensured that won’t happen anymore.

Thilak and Dhana

Thilak and Dhana, who decided to get married so they could adopt the non-affected baby girl of a HIV+ve mother.A little baby girl called Theresa played cupid in this couple’s life. Who is Theresa? She was a non-affected six-month old girl abandoned by her teen-aged HIV+ve mother. She first triggered motherly love in Dhana’s heart. Then Dhana proposed to Thilak, a friend then, to marry her so that she could adopt the baby. Adoption homes try to find parents before the baby turns one year as children find it difficult to adjust to new homes as they grow up. Dhana could not convince her folks in time and Theresa was adopted by another set of loving parents. But the wedding fundraiser in June was in the name of Theresa Educational Fund commemorating the love that brought these two beautiful individuals together.


Kalpana Saroj

She was labelled an ‘untouchable’ Dalit in school. At the age of 12 she was forced to marry a man 10 years older, but she escaped that marriage and decided to move to Mumbai. At the age of 16, the hardworking Kalpana Saroj toiled for 18 hours a day. She gradually took over Kamani Tubes, a debt-ridden metal engineering company. After Kalpana joined the company, it turned into a profit making business making over $100 million! One of the most inspirational entrepreneurs today, Kalpana Saroj battled social evils to reach the top and aims to change India for the better.

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