10 Best Coailation in Malayalam Cinema


Joint efforts will never make feel you drop on the entire way untill you pull your hands out from the coalition.In our Malayalam film industry we are rich with successful team works and most of from this harmony are celebrated grand success in silver screen.Whenever these peoples joined hands together for their project the result is damn too high.Now it’s the time for memorising the most effective symbiosis from our industry that made you on the extreme emotions…



1.) Sibimalayail-Lohithadas


Here comes the most celebrated alliance,most popular for their melodrama movies that put audience on their intense sentiment.Thaniyavarthanam,Kireedam,Dasharatham,HisHighnessAbdullah,Bharatham,Chenkol,Kamaladhalam,Dhanam,
Malayogam,Mudra,Vicharana,Sagaram Sakshi these are the most popular films from this ally and most of this was stayed in the cinemas for a long run and conquer the hearts of film lovers.It was through this combination Mohanlal got his first national award for the film Bharatham.

2) Joshi-Dennis Joseph-Mammootty

joshy mammoo

Dennis joseph made his debut cinema Nirakoottu through the hands of the master craftman Joshi starred by Mammootty in the year 1985 and that was a huge success on that time. The massive triumph of Nirakoottu made this team as an rocking annex in the field.Nyayavidhi,Shyama,Veendum,SayamSandhya,NewDelhi,Sangham,Thanthram,Dhinarathrangal,Nair saab,No 20 Madras mail,among these New Delhi witnessed for the strong comeback of this team from a series of flops and ran more than 200 days in the theatres and still remind as a landmark of Malayala cinema.Dennis Joseph has an another achievement,through his scripting he made Mammootty and Mohanlal as superstars of M town.


3) Sathyan Anthikkadu-Sreenivasan


Sathyan anthikkadu Sreenivasan combo was one of the most profitable team and best known for their slapstick comedy films which are almost socially commited,the most successfull in the genre was Sandhesham released in 1991 set in the backdrop political conditions in kerala and this one can be added in the list of comedy satire films.Sandhesham is also considered as an evergreen classic in the history of Malayalam cinema.TP Balagopalan MA,Gandhinagar 2nd street,Nadodikkattu,Varavelppu,Pattanapravesham,SreedharabteOnnam Thirumurivu,Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhaanam,Thalayanamanthram,My dear Muthachan,Golanthara vartha,Irattakuttikalude achan are the another hits from this couple.



4) Hariharan-MT  Vasudevan Nair


            This combo can be considered as the most historic ally that marks the culture and traditional aspects of kerala through their movies.The most important works from this team are Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha,Parinayam,Amrithum gamaya,Nakashathangal,Pazhassiraja.Most of their films are well critically acclaimed and won several awards in national and state level.The first film from this combo was ‘Idavazhiyile  Poocha Minda Poocha’ starring Madhu and MG soman in the year 1979.Panchagni,Aaranyakam,Ennu swantham Janakikutty,Ezhaamathe Varavu are the rest from this merge.

5) Priyadarshan-Mohanlal


            Priyadarshan is well known for his comedy movies in the period of 1980-90’s and his collaborations with Mohanlal remarks a lot of hits in the industry.Their films such as Chitram,Vellanakalude Naadu,Kalapani,Vandanam,Thenmavin Kompathu,Mazhapeyyunnu Madhalam Kottunnu,Abhimanyu,Kilukkam are the biggest hits in thay year and still this films made viewers laugh till the end..Chithram ran for around 365 days in the screens of kerala.

6) Siddique- Lal

sidqqe lal

            They started their carrier as a mimicry artists and later became the most commercial duo of the Malayalam cinema.The veteran director Fazil was considered as the mentor of this duo and started the film carrier with the blessings from him.Their debut movie Ramji Rao speaking became superhit and most of their works were attained a cult status and they introduced a new era for Mollywood.In Harihar Nagar, God Father (ran for 404 days which was something sensational in the history),Vietnam Colony,Kabooliwala all of these was the another hits from this duo.The duo broke off after the release of Kabooliwala and later Siddique turnes as a successful director and Lal engaged in production and as an actor.

7) IV Sasi – Mammootty

iv saasi

            IV Sasi is a veteran director who made a number of films in various languages and genres.he introduced most of the glorified actors such as Kamal Hasan,Rajinikantha,Mammootty into Malayalam film industry.He introduced Mammootty as a hero through his movie Thrishna and later the team worked for nearly 30 plus projects and the interesting factor was that most of this became super and mega hits,Avanaazhi,Inspector Belram,Mrigaya,Ee nadau,John Jaffer Janardhanan,Adhirathram was some among these.

8) Shaji Kailas-Renji Panicker


            Thalasthanam was the first film from this combo which became a huge success in the box office and their begins the roaring Shaji Kailas-Renji Panicker association.Most of their films are set in the backdrop nearly political and brought out many blockbusters.Ekalavya from this combo established Suresh Gopi to the title superstar and ran for around 150 days.Commissiner released in 1994 creates a another sensation in the box office and had a long run of 200 days.Next from this combo is; The king in 1995 which brokes several box office collection records and attained a cult status.I think the king was the last success from this duo and later Renji panicker turned as an independent director and now in the role of an actor.

9) Rafi-Mecartin

rafi mecartin

The director-writer duo who well known for their comedy works,the most popular movies from this duo are Puthukkottayile Puthumanvaalan,Punjabi House,Superman,Thenkashipattanam,Aniyanbava Chettanbava,Aadyathe kanmani,Hallo,Mayavi.Most of these are blockbusters.


10) Bobby-Sanjay

bobby sanjay

            Last but not least,the most appearing writer duo of this era.They beginned their filmic carrier by scripting Ente Veedu Appunteyum diected by Sibimalayil.They earlier penned for Avicharitham,a TV serial which got more praise from viewers.Traffic,was one of their best and it tempt to start a new age in malayala cinema,the film got more critical acclaims and well received in box office.Their Next venture Ayaalum Njaanum Thammil  directed by Lal Jose won several awards including state awards.Next Mumbai Police one of the daring attempt from the duo. Nirnayakam was their latest release.Casanova,How Old Are You,Notebook are the other movies from this ally.


Written By :Nadirsha K.N

Photography supplied courtesy : google images indexed from websites