There’s so much that goes into the making of a film. There’s such a lot of money riding, so much talent at stake and then at the end of it, if a film doesn’t reach the right audience, what’s the point? The entire idea of the film is to reach its correct audience otherwise it falls flat. That’s why we feel that marketing is one of the most important elements today. Agreed that ultimately a product will only work when it’s good, but that comes later, first there should be an audience to decide that. What’s the point in having a brilliant product, when it doesn’t reach out? Marketing of films takes various aspects from old days.The wall posters to big flux attract crowd. But the present scenario , the online world has much importance. Our youth’s are so much active in the social networking sites like facebook , twitter and youtube. We are exploiting the scope of internet space for marketing the films and entertainment events. We are creating the eagerness to a vast crowd of people to watch a film even before the film’s first poster is stick on a wall

We ,Entertainment Corner is marketing in internet world through our site and through our facebook page,youtube channel and twitter where we have an immense fan base . We are also confident in creating mini interactive event which will comes as a combination of online and outdoor places like lifestyle malls like Oberon . Our team includes a bunch of young and smart guys who were well sound in technical and creative side which includes young engineers , web designers ,graphic designers and young film aspirants. We have strong tie ups with all other online medias ,so your contents will be successfully delievered to others also.

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