Surya opted out from project -Gautham Vasudeva Menon


10911276_804722229593633_3847737148962551542_oGautham Vasudeva menon is on the news hype as his new movie with Thala Ajithkumra is going to hit the theatres soon with a month.The movie almost announced three release dates and all them were canceled and hadn’t released yet.In a interview to a leading daily Gautham Menon who has roots in Kerala stated as follows

“The long Gap after Jeeva starer Nee than enn Ponvastham was purely accidental.I produced two films in the mean time.My production firm Photon Kathas has produced Thanka Meenukal which was critically acclaimed.Also i was trying to do a movie with in these years as i announced almost two projects and called off them due to various reasons.Both were big projects and i had taken time on there pre production and script purposes ,this was the time for the lag between Nee Than ne ponvasantham and Ennai Arindaal.”

“DhruvaNakshatram was a movie which i planned with surya on the main role.But the same time Surya had a another movie committed.But due to some pressures he opted out of My project.Actualy the movie which he did avoiding my movie was not a good one.Similarly i planned Yohan  Adyayam one with Vijay.It was planned to shoot in europe.But Vijay due to some issues in script opted out of the project.Later on after a gap of two year i completed Ennai Arindhal with Thalai Ajith.”

“The Movie’s final outcome is much satisfying me as a director.Currentlky we are on the post-production works of the movie .We are trimming some parts of the movie as it has length of almost 3 hours “.Gautham Menon added on.





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