Priyadarshan states that it was a tough year for him


Priyadarshan ,The director behind all time Malayalam hit movies is currently running through a bad patch.His new outing titled ass Amayum Muyalum starring Jayasurya in lead role not too up the mark.Also his relationship with actress Lisy was also on a verge of divorce.The Director opens up his mind for an interview for a leading news daily.


drPriyadarshan in that interview says”Amayum Muyalum was targeted by critics by a large extent.Some online magazines reported nagative reviews about the movie even before the first show was over.It was a targeted attack from their part.They are complete strangers to me.Amayum Muyalum was a movie for Kids and Family but it didn’t paid off up to an extend.But those who attack the movie should understand that its not a movie which should be watched on a standard where we watch Fellini’s and Deceeka’s movies.It was the first time i got treated like this”.

Priyadarshan also adds on “The movie should be analyse on the basis of negatives and Positives.I accept the negatives but it’s hard to digest wher those attackers only find negatives of Amayum Muyalum.It was a hard year for me.I encountered many tough situations this year.I was purely concentrating on my children’s Future.Hope the next year would be a good one for me..There are only 7 genre of story plots are available in the world.Its a much harder task to select the exact treatment style for each movie which engages each and everyone.Hope I will Do it Next Time.And another thing most of the movie stories or films which is  made day to day in every parts of the world are fictious.Then the question arises agnist the critics who does ask unnecassary question each and every time when an unrealistic or fictious story is presented in screens”