Mohanlal will give back the money which was spend for Lalisam


mohanlalMohanlal’s Lalisam show which was an inaugural event in National Games 2015 of kerala was on a much media attention and allegations as the quality of show was much questioned.Most of the on-line medias social media activist went against show demanding the quality of the programme.They says that the show had no processional approach and its vulnerable to say government has spend 2 crore rupees for the programme.Now all the issues went on a low par as Mohanlal has mailed a letter to Government of Kerala regarding the issue.

In his mail to Kerala Government he states”It was with keralaites prayers and well wishes i spend last 36 yaers of my life .It was on the final moment of the preparation for the national games 2015.Sports minister and the council for the event approached me and asked my band Lalisam to stage a performance on the inaugural ceremony of National Games in Trivandrum.I was always willing to participate in Governmental programmes.I also agreed to host another show in the event.”

From the night which Lalisam was staged onwards many allegations and Bad impression about the show arised from all part of kerala.Me and my taem worked continuously for almost 3 weeks for the show.We have also taken 1 crore 60 Thousand rupees from the government for expenses of the technicians and other singers who evolved in Lalisam apart from me.Here by i provide all the details of money we have got from Government.I will repay this 1 crore 60 lakh government .So i wish all the allegations remarks agnist me which happned due to Lalisam will be over with That”Mohanlal Added on.