Jude antony Joseph about Rajeev Ravi


10685570_10152904595555799_5406177391756259811_nJude Amtony Joseph came bursting agnist Rajeev Ravi’s statements on Maniratnam ,Taratino and Sreenivasan.Jude in his Facebook profile stated in a sarcastic way about the rajaiv ravi statement.Rajiv ravi earlier in an interview with South Live Magazine said that the propaganda’s of Sreenivasan and his films are very annoying.He also stated that he doesn’t like Sreenivasan Films and he added on that he doesn’t like Manirathnam films.However this became a big controversy in film world.Online Medias celebrated this content and it reached out to maximum number within a shoert span of time.


However Nivin Pauly and Jude Antony Joseph  Protested about this statements through their Facebook pages.Nivin added a photo about Sreenivasan reflecting his protest agnist Rajeev.Jude on other hand replied via words.Ther were many Fights regarding the post’s between these celebrities and social media.Jude and Nivin came to film industry from the team of Vineeth Srenivasan who is Sreenivasan’s son.However Vineeth and Sreenivasan hadn’t responded to the issue yet.