“I’m single” – Shraddha


Shraddha Kapoor answers all questions about movies and her love life.

How has life changed after the success of Aashiqui 2?

I still feel Aashiqui 2 has just happened. Everything happened so fast. One year has passed by lightening speed. I can’t believe it’s one year since Aashiqui 2 released. I have finished shooting for two films Haider and Ek Villain since then. People are still listening to the songs of Aashiqui 2. When I put down the window of my car, I can hear Tum hi ho. Life has changed. The time I spend now with my family has reduced.

Are you feeling bad about it?

My parents love it. They feel good when I say to them, ‘I’m sorry mom, I really have to rush.’ Or ‘Bapu, I am sorry; I’m going for a meeting.’ But that doesn’t mean I ignore them, I make time for my friends and family. I won’t change that ever. People say that there is so much competition and you have to give your full life to films. Yes, I’ll give my life to films because being an actress was my childhood dream but there are few things that will not change.

Who do you feel your competition is? 

My competition is with my contemporaries and with myself also. Nobody is indispensable. In the sense, if you are not there, then someone else will be there. Parineeti (Chopra) is such an amazing actor. The way she does bubbly and spunky roles, I don’t know if anybody else can do that. I’m dying to watch Highway and 2 States and I’ve heard that Alia Bhatt has done a wonderful job in both the films. Alia, Parineeti and I keep meeting each other. Recently, we also met at Karan Johar’s birthday party. It was really nice to hangout with them.

Is there no feeling of competition between you three?

No, actually Parineeti and me were chilling and dancing together at Karan’s party. She is really a chilled out girl. I met her during Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. I loved her in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. I messaged her after watching the film saying, ‘Parineeti, you are amazing. I don’t know you personally but you were really amazing’. We are all quite chilled out together and there is no bad feeling for each other.

But people say that two actresses can’t be friends 
I think that’s a very old saying. Because I feel if you respect each other for what you are and what you have done than this line doesn’t hold true. Like I really respect these two girls. So there is no question of competition. If you feel like you are not working hard, then you can have the feeling of competition. But if you really work hard then you have nothing to be stressed about. Also if someone is good you should say that he/she is good. You should give that person the credit.

What’s your plus point? Why do you think people love you for?
People say that they really like my innocence in Aashiqui 2. When I was playing Aarohi, I didn’t play like oh, I’m so innocent. I was just playing the role of a Maharashtrian girl with big dreams. I didn’t try to play innocent. It would look forced and wouldn’t have connected with the audiences.

What is the real Shraddha like? 
Real life Shraddha depends with whom I am. I don’t open up easily. My childhood friends know how I am. But now I feel like Ek Villain’s  character Ayesha has rubbed off on me. She’s very talkative. She cracks jokes. Her energy has rubbed off on me. I think it’s good because Ayesha is a adventurous girl; she gets excited in doing different things. Recently, I went to America with my friends. I did camping there. For the first time I lived in a tent in the middle of nowhere. I really felt nice. And these things one should never stop experiencing in life.

Who are your friends currently?
I will say Mohit Suri and Aditya (Roy Kapur). We have become good friends because of  Aashiqui 2. And now I have gotten to know Sid (Sidharth Malhotra) also. Varun (Dhawan) is my childhood friend. We have grown up together and now finally we are doing a movie (ABCD 2) together. I call him Patvardhan or Battuklal and he calls me Chirkut. He considers me as his guy friend and he tells me, ‘Yaar, tu heroine kaise ban gayi’. He is close to me.


Ok, are you single?
Yes, I’m single. Absolutely! All these linkups are false.

Who is your favourite villain?
My father. The way he played crime master Gogo (Andaz Apna Apna) was amazing. He is a comedian cum villain. The character has gone down the history of Indian cinema. My dad told me that on the sets of the film he improvised the character. And that’s something which he tells me also. Crime master Gogo is my favourite comedian and villain.

Have you spoken to Aditya Chopra after your fallout with him? 
I called him to congratulate for his marriage. Also, I wanted to use his YRF gym for ABCD 2. I want a private space where no one can come and disturb me. I called him to ask and that’s when he said that he saw my Ek Villain promos and he loved it. He also said that he loved my singing. I’m so happy. I forgot to ask him when is he giving me a film. (Laughs).

You have got a lot of praise for you singing. An alternate career in mind?
Never say never. Priyanka Chopra is my idol. I love her. I don’t know her very well. But I feel she is really cool and a real person. Whatever she feels, she does. And that’s why she is where she is. She had the faith.

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