I’m grateful to Biju menon-Joju


1782519_10152817395180359_3421402124675895732_oJoju George the new charcter artist of malayalam film industry is often called as poormen’s Biju Menon.His characters and looks make him to be called in that name.But Joju speaks out that he likews to be called in the name of Biju Menon.In fact he say says that its his privilege to be called as that.Joju in a recent interview given to a leading daily spoke out.


“Yes its Biju Menon who gave me a new life.He is my godfather in Mlayalam film industry.I was indroduced to Biju Menon by one of Biju and Mine’s common freind.After that meeting we became freinds.Everafter that Biju single handily carried me on shoulders for several years.He spend for me.He bought clothes for me.I got a adress in malaylam film industry as Biju Menon’s freind.So i have much gratitude to Biju.He is the main driving force behind my new status in film industry.It due to to Biju’s help my sister’s marriage was done properly.To me he is like god.And i will be grateful ever for that”