I doesn’t walk away from Suresh Gopi Project

miya11111111111yaMiya George our girl next door heroine was on media’s since a few days as reports come across that she walked away from suresh gopi project saying that she doent want to act with the star in M Mohan’s My god.The news was spreading like wildfire on social media Many negative opinions occured via this news.But no body asked Miya George about this issue and what really Happened.

The actress shared the actual issue with Entertainment Corner.Miya in an Interview with us said”I have committed a Tamil movie in the same shooting Date of My God.It was almost impossible to act in both film at same time while the Tamil movie’s shoot was in chennai.So i called Suresh sir and told about the crisis .He said me to act in the Tamil movie since it was the first movie committed by me..This is what really happened”

And see how much worse the news appeared from the actual one .

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