Bhama Aganist All controversies



Bhama was in a media hype where some online media’s reported that Bhama had withdrawn from a new movie featuring Sunny Wein in lead role.The medias reported that Bhama rejected that project due to the low market value of Sunny Wein as a Hero.Yesterday Bhama came up with the clarification of news which was spreading like a wild fire.

Bhama stated “its unfortunate to hear such news.It not true.Actually most of people mis understood me from  this piece of news.Due to some date clashes i was not able to do the movie with Sunny Wein.Its not due to any ego clashes.Sunny is a good friend of mine.We wished to act toghther in this movie.But Unfortunately i was not able to do it  since i had some other project which were committed earlier.I  Hope that you could understand my feelings and please support me in this situation”

How Ever Sunny Wein and the makers of the movie haven’t responded regarding the controversies.